International society of horticulture

International society of horticulture

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International society of horticulture

The international society of horticulture (ISH) is a society dedicated to the education of horticulturists, namely garden and landscape architects, landscape and turf managers, irrigation and civil engineering technicians, maintenance supervisors, foresters and range and livestock managers. The Society was created in 1972 and has a total membership of over 30,000. The mission of the ISH is to promote the scientific, practical, and business applications of horticulture to society. Its vision is to help individuals, businesses, and communities better utilize horticultural knowledge and skills to create and maintain environments that meet human need and ecological conditions. The ISH holds its annual convention in a different major U.S. city each year. A field meeting is also held in April of each year.

Founding members

The following people were elected to serve as Founding Members of the International Society of Horticulture (ISH) at the first annual convention which took place in Washington D.C. in May 1972.

George A. Barnes, ISH Past President

Robert E. Butler, ISH Past Vice President

August G. Bradley, ISH Secretary

Edward G. Burke, ISH Treasurer

Harrison A. Cooke, ISH Secretary

Gordon W. Mason, ISH Vice President

Frederic S. Reynolds, ISH Secretary

John P. Sampson, ISH Treasurer

A.L. "Bud" Weiler, ISH Secretary

Executive officers

Officers of the International Society of Horticulture

Founding members:


1972 George A. Barnes

1973 Edward G. Burke

1974 George S. McKnight

1975 William E. Moorman

1976 Floyd D. Halttunen

1977 Mark E. Fagen

1978 Edward C. Hawkins

1979 Floyd D. Halttunen

1980 John P. Sampson

1981 Mary B. Bell

1982 Carl F. Pohlmann

1983 Fred W. Kruse

1984 Lou Jackson

1985 George A. Barnes

1986 William F. Marston

1987 Lou Jackson

1988 William F. Marston

1989 Floyd D. Halttunen

1990 Arthur W. Hochstein

1991 George S. McKnight

1992 Herbert S. Boone

1993 Lowell G. Johnson

1994 John R. Balmes

1995 William F. Marston

1996 Arthur W. Hochstein

1997 William F. Marston

1998 Arthur W. Hochstein

1999 William F. Marston

2000 Edward J. Fikes

2001 Mark W. Kreilich

2002 Robert E. Beatty

2003 Frank H. Gast

2004 Lowell G. Johnson

2005 Don V. Moore

2006 Robert E. Beatty

2007 N. Eugene Seymour

2008 William M. Tipton

2009 Melvin T. Johnson

2010 Eugene F. DeLuca

2011 William M. Tipton

2012 Herbert S. Boone

2013 Lowell G. Johnson

2014 Keith R. Kain

2015 Warren D. Fishman

2016 Dennis W. Rees

2017 Scott J. Peterson

2018 Terry J. Bander

2019 Russ H. Johnson

2020 Ray L. Hiller

Past President Emeriti:

2018 F. Donald Carr

Immediate Past President:

2016 Terry J. Bander


1972 Harrison A. Cooke

1973 Floyd D. Halttunen

1974 Cecil H. Pratt

1975 Ray A. Riethmiller

1976 Byron R. Forshage

1977 C. L. Mack

1978 N. Eugene Seymour

1979 James T. Hays

1980 John P. Sampson

1981 W. F. Schroeder

1982 Louis L. Thomas

1983 Robert E. Beatty

1984 William F. Marston

1985 Floyd D. Halttunen

1986 Wayne D. Gillette

1987 Lowell G. Johnson

1988 Floyd D. Halttunen

1989 William F. Marston

1990 Arthur W. Hochstein

1991 Robert E. Beatty

1992 Ray A. Riethmiller

1993 Stanley G. Price

1994 Thomas G. Guarino

1995 Dennis W. Rees

1996 Richard W. Myers

1997 Russell H. Smith

1998 John R. Balmes

1999 Stanley G. Price

2000 Klemens A. Gryta

2001 Robert E. Beatty

2002 Lowell G. Johnson

2003 Wayne D. Gillette

2004 Norman E. Embs

2005 David K. Hadley

2006 Lowell G. Johnson

2007 William E. Moorman

2008 Craig V. Stievert

2009 David K. Hadley

2010 David J. Voss

2011 Lynn L. Peters

2012 Ben J. Stein

2013 David J. Voss

2014 Ray L. Hiller

2015 Ben J. Stein

2016 Ray L. Hiller

2017 Lynn L. Peters

2018 Leon H. Sieveking

2019 Ben J. Stein




Vice President, Programs:





Vice President, Programs:



Vice President, Communications:



Past President Emeritus:

2018 Ralph C. Myers

Past President:

2018 J. Dennis Kays

2019 Peter J. Lynch

Chairman of the Nominating Committee:

2017 Dennis W. Rees

2018 J. Dennis Kays

2019 Peter

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