Easy plants to take care of for beginners

Easy plants to take care of for beginners

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Australian House and Garden. Don't have the best luck when it comes to keeping indoor plants alive? We've hunted down some of the most indestructible, low-maintenance indoor plants that you'd actually have to try to kill. These little gems will stay alive and thrive no matter how much neglect you throw at them, they will also do you a favour by purifying the air in your home while bringing your interiors to life. Yes, low-maintenance flowering plants are a thing. Guzmania bromeliads like shade and being watered through their leaves not flowers once a week.

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Top 10 Low Maintenance Plants

Liven up your home with these winter-hardy houseplants. In many areas, winter months lend themselves to cold, snowy weather, and consequently warm, toasty homes. Keeping greenery in your home throughout the bleak months of winter is sure to brighten the spirit. But fewer hours of daylight, fluctuating temperatures, and dry air creates a challenging growing environment for most plants.

In search of houseplants that are best suited to winter conditions, we reached out to several plant pros for their top picks for durable indoor houseplants likely to survive all year long. Even the least experienced gardener can successfully grow the Chinese evergreen thanks to its hardiness. This gem of a plant is virtually indestructible, looking green and healthy even after months of neglect. In fact, the zz plant will often do better if you leave it alone.

While the moth orchid is happiest in a medium to brightly lit spot, it tolerates low light very well. This plant holds up well during the winter months when you may be traveling or simply distracted by the hustle and bustle of the holidays and forget a watering or two. Thanks to its preference toward a drier climate, you can enjoy its blooms without having to shower it with attention.

Adding architectural interest to any room, the snake plant is one of the most accommodating houseplants available. Low-light, drought, and insects are no match for the sturdy constitution of this houseplant. Its blade-like leaves come in a diverse range of colors and patterns that offer not just beauty but also air-purifying benefits. Long and narrow, dark green leaves form a fountain-like cascade that flows down to the plant's base. While many houseplants prefer to dry out in between waterings, ferns like constantly damp soil.

The maidenhair fern is a pretty option with delicate, lacy leaves, and will be happy in a spot offering indirect light for at least part of the day.

Not only will this beautiful plant bloom even in a drafty home, but the vibrant colors will brighten up a chilly space.

To protect your plants from a chilly breeze beside a window or near the front door, consider a miniature version of a greenhouse: the glass terrarium. Not only does the terrarium shield the plants inside, but it also adds a stylish conversation piece to a living room. You can try creating your own terrarium, and Sprout Home offers terrarium-building classes and online orders in Chicago and New York City. This plant looks like a miniature tree, so it will introduce a refreshing burst of greenery to your home, even when the trees outside are leafless.

This plant is typically propagated for sale before Thanksgiving, but its pretty red and pink blooms hint at spring. Plus, this houseplant is undeniably low-maintenance. One of her favorite drought-tolerant picks is a philodendron, like the split-leaf or the monstera, which is an on-trend choice.

These plants only need to be watered once every two weeks or so. Pick up the plant and get familiar with its typical weight. On a windowsill in a dry room is the ideal location for a succulent collection. They come in a wide array of colors and styles, so you can mix and match to create a unique grouping. Some succulents may continue to grow during this time, while others will wait at a standstill until spring.

When warmer weather hits, you can resume regular yet still infrequent watering. One thing to remember about caring for houseplants in the winter is that many, including the popular fiddle leaf fig, experience natural growing seasons and periods of dormancy.

These periods should also correspond to how often you water them, says de Los Angeles Rodriguez Jimenez. For example, the fiddle leaf fig tree should be watered once every two weeks during the growing season, but only needs water about once a month during the winter.

Also keep in mind that water evaporates more slowly in a chilly room than a hot one, so pay attention to whether the room is drafty and damp or dry and hot. This hardy succulent can store water in its sculptural leaves, allowing it to go long stretches between waterings. While this desert plant can handle a dry environment, it also loves to sunbathe, so set it near a window that gets plenty of light.

If you live in a home with an overactive heater, cacti and desert plants will thrive there. And because many deserts are known to get chilly at night, some varieties of desert plants can handle the cold and go into winter dormancy. If you keep your thermostat turned all the way up in the winter, and also tend to be an inconsistent plant waterer, the wax plant, also known as hoya, is for you. By reserving water in this way, the wax plant is always prepared for an unexpected drought.

By Marla Christiansen Updated August 22,Save FB Tweet More. In a Dry Room: Succulents. In scenarios like this, it can be advised to almost not water your succulents throughout the winter months," Hill says. Credit: Sprout Home. Credit: Costa Farms. Easy Houseplants ZZ Plant in living room. Easy Houseplants Snake Plant. Easy Houseplants Ponytail Palm in living room.

In a Drafty Room: Clivia. In a Drafty Room: Moss Terrarium. In a Drafty Room: Jade Plant. In a Drafty Room: Christmas Cactus. Credit: White Flower Farm. In a Dry Room: Philodendrons. In a Dry Room: Aloe. Alle regte voorbehou. Close Sign in.

Agt huisplante om op 'n vensterbank te groei

Whether you're a beginner or want a non-eventful plant for the home, ukhouseplants have rustled up the fifteen easiest specimens that are currently on the UK market. Even if you're from overseas, just knowing a few on this list can help you decide which to purchase at a shop. Most are pretty well-known plants; however, there are a few that aren't necessarily associated with easy-care. The 'Life-Expectancy' section is just a projection of the average age for the specimen - most plants can easily surpass this when correctly cultivated. Het u die antwoord op 'n spesifieke plantvraag nodig? Bespreek 'n 1-tot-1-video-oproep met Joe Bagley, die vriendelike skrywer van die webwerf, om u geknetterde probleem te oorkom en aan te spreek! Chlorophytum comosum.

It's better to under water your plants than to overwater. Too much water can lead to root rot. Ditch your watering schedule and water your plant only when it.

20 supergemaklik huisplante wat jy sal liefhê

We love how fresh and modern this indoor plant looks in any space. Just once every two to three weeks. With its shiny and lush leaves, this indoor favorite is highly coveted in Southern homes everywhere. It feels a bit tropical, making it perfect for a summertime refresh. Consider the glossy greatness of this plant. Its deep green leaves are super attractive and will still be alive if left under low light without much water for up to four months. In other words, even the most scatter-brained can safely tote it home. Just somewhere to get their sunning on. Let it purify your air, while looking pretty in this diamond-weave basket. These ceramic pots make it cute enough to accent any surface.

Alice maak plantversorging maklik

Verlewe u huis met hierdie winterharde kamerplante. In baie gebiede leen die wintermaande hulself tot koue, sneeuweer en gevolglik warm, lekker huise. Om groen in u huis te hou gedurende die somber maande van die winter, sal die gees sekerlik verlig. Maar minder ure se daglig, wisselende temperatuur en droë lug skep 'n uitdagende groeiende omgewing vir die meeste plante. Op soek na huisplante wat die beste by die wintertoestande pas, het ons na verskeie plantvoordele uitgereik vir hul beste keuses vir duursame binnenshuise huisplante wat waarskynlik die hele jaar sal oorleef.

Updated hourly.

Huisplante met 'n lae onderhoud wat op verwaarlosing floreer

Do you love plants, but find that gardening stresses you out? Plenty of people struggle to keep plants alive at first, but with time, practice and a little instruction, anyone can learn to do it. While the rules for all plants are fairly similar, they will differ slightly depending on the environment your plant is going to be living in. Here are our best tips to keep houseplants alive:. Drainage is extremely important for your plant.

10 maklike plante vir beginners om buite te groei

British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Most houseplants will thrive in a well-lit, draught-free spot with an even temperature and reasonably high humidity. However some plants have specific needs.Byvoorbeeld, blomplante en diegene met gevlekte blare het meer lig nodig as plante met gewone groen blare, terwyl varings soos 'n donkerder posisie is. Kaktusse, vetplante en vleisetende plante soos 'n helder vensterbank, maar vermy in die somer 'n suidelike vensterbank, waar hulle kon brand.

U moet ook soek na 'n plant wat ook nie te veel probleme en sensitiwiteit ondervind nie. Hieronder kyk ons ​​van die beste maklike sorg binne.

21 maklike blomme vir beginners om te groei

Vandag lei ons almal 'n vinnige lewe. Hoe kan 'n mens hom toewy aan die skep van 'n pragtige tuin met die timer wat op al ons aktiwiteite loop? Selfs mense met 'n oneindige liefde vir tuinmaak sê uiteindelik dat hulle nie tyd het om na plante te sorg nie en dus nie kan tuinmaak nie.

20 maklike huisplante selfs beginners kan nie doodmaak nie

Verwante video: 5 moet plante hê wat weier om te sterf - die maklikste plante vir beginners!

Laas opgedateer: 10 November, verwysings goedgekeur. Andrew Carberry werk in voedselstelsels. Dit is oor die algemeen maklik om na te sorg en te onderhou, en sal floreer as dit behoorlik sorg en behandeling kry.

Topplante vir universiteitstudente Hierdie 12 lae-onderhoudsaanlegte is ideaal vir elke leefruimte van die kollege. Poniestertpalm Voeg 'n opvallende element in u kamer met dramatiese poniestertpalm.

Vul u woonruimte met kamerplante om u bui te verbeter en help om die lug skoon te maak. Alhoewel u dink dat u 'n groot ruimte nodig het om kamerplante te kweek, kan niks verder van die waarheid wees nie. Net soos ons huise en ons liggame, kom die kamerplante in alle vorms en groottes. Maar mense wat in woonstelle, kothuise, hokke of ander hegte woonkwartiere woon, moet 'n bietjie harder nadink oor watter kamerplante die beste vir hulle is. Gelukkig is daar 'n hele aantal perfekte woonstelplante vir selfs die mees klein huis. Oorweeg eerder hoe groot die plant sal groei, sy ligbehoeftes en hoeveel sorg dit benodig. Vir die grootste kans op sukses met u nuwe plantbaba, sorg dat u die beste verskeidenheid vir u kies.

Select is redaksioneel onafhanklik. Ons redakteurs het hierdie aanbiedings en items gekies omdat ons dink dat u dit teen hierdie pryse sal geniet. As u iets deur ons skakels koop, kan ons 'n kommissie verdien.


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