Landscape design with synthetic grass

Landscape design with synthetic grass

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Our team of experts can handle any aspect of your landscaping project, from design to installation. We specialize in premium quality turf and installation. Outdoor kitchens, decks, and fencing that is built to last. In-house landscape design services.

  • 17 reasons to avoid fake lawns – how bad is artificial grass for the environment?
  • Unique Landscaping Ideas For Synthetic Grass
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For more than 10 years, TexasTurf Formerly Smarturf has worked closely with our neighbors in Austin to enhance and beautify their landscapes, completing each job with a focus on quality customer care. With a heavy background in landscaping and design, our artificial turf experts know how to complete each project with the proper attention and respect what our customers deserve.

From our family to yours! We are more than a company, we are a local company focused on treating our customers with respect. For over ten years, people have trusted TexasTurf to provide top-notch installation services to transform homes and businesses with unique landscaping options.

We are proud to offer superior quality services and products at unbeatable prices. Why pay more when you can get the best from TexasTurf? We know our services and products are the best. That's why we offer a 5 year labor and 15 year turf product warranty. The turf was installed in November , we have 2 large dogs and has been great for the dogs.

The artificial grass looks good it has taken eliminated the mud. So far it has exceeded our expectations. TexasTurf did [ Had TexasTurf installed in our backyard last August. Our turf has survived the dogs, the summer heat, hurricane rains and snow and still looks as great as it did the day it was installed. Great company [ When you have artificial turf installed in your yard, you can enjoy having green grass that looks If you want your Austin home to look its best, you need its lawn to look its best.

And you Read More. With the recent outbreak of COVID , we are keeping the health of our employees and customers at the forefront of our minds. Klik hier om meer uit te vind. About About Us. Turfs and Products Artificial Turfs. Services Our Services. Turf Facts Turf Facts. Shop Shop. Contact Contact Us. About Meet the Team. Services Residential. Shop Financing. Contact Submit Feedback.

Customer Service is our 1 Priority Request Estimate. Vind meer uit. Pet Turf. Putting Greens. Why Choose Us? We are more than a company, we are a local company focused on treating our customers with respect Unparalleled Service For over ten years, people have trusted TexasTurf to provide top-notch installation services to transform homes and businesses with unique landscaping options. We'll Beat Any Price We are proud to offer superior quality services and products at unbeatable prices.

Great Warranties We know our services and products are the best. Click Here for Our Financing Options. Click Here for a Free Estimate. Your Austin Landscaping Professional If you are looking for an artificial turf expert in Austin or the surrounding areas, then please call us at or complete our online request form.

17 reasons to avoid fake lawns – how bad is artificial grass for the environment?

Contact Olympic Landscapes today for a free consultation if you need help with your landscape design goals, or have questions. If you are looking for a professional landscape design company in the Puget Sound area that can help you with your synthetic turf goals, Olympic can he you with the entire process from start to finish. Visit our photo gallery for more stunning before and after landscape transformations. And, watching the Olympic crew take the design from paper to reality was an amazing process! Each step required incredible skill, and they were certainly well prepared for each task.

+ Installation Specifications. Detailed specifications for landscape architects and designers. + HeatBlock™ Technology. Coolest turf in the synthetic turf.

Unique Landscaping Ideas For Synthetic Grass

Artificial turf is not as costly as one would think.Before, it was so expensive that you could only see it installed in sports stadiums, but at the present time, it is so affordable that any homeowner can consider having artificial grass in Mesa on their lawn. Today you would not tell if it is natural or artificial, even at a distance. Every piece of grass has a vivid green color that will make your home look alive than before. In addition, it has an excellent drainage as artificial grass dries a lot faster than regular glass, making you not worry about water puddles that later can become mud. You can actually help the environment by acquiring an artificial turf. Because it does not require a lawn mower that obliges you to buy gasoline, produce fumes, and also raise the levels of pollution. You can save up money and time on other things, like your favorite hobby. Artificial turf, contrary to myths and legends, is dogs and kids friendly. They can play as much as they want, applying all the heavy weight they want on the artificial grass.

Robot of mens?

Artificial turf in Bend Oregon is perfect for softening up all that hardscape you have — or planning to add — on your lawn. Furthermore, synthetic turf has none of the weaknesses of real grass. In fact, all you need to think about is design. Artificial turf is perfect for executing functional landscape designs in tandem with different types of hardscape.

At first glance, synthetic grass from Mountview Landscaping looks as naturally beautiful as real sod.

Artificial Turf Landscaping

I never design gardens with fake grass for aesthetic, experiential and environmental reasons. That said, some of my clients do still choose to install it, as do some of my friends and family, which makes this blog post a tad awkward to write. A recent Government and Parliament petition received over 10, signatures calling for its ban. Single use plastic straws have been banned and replaced by paper in the UK and are a good comparison to the plastic lawn although it feels different because the fake lawn is multiple use. I ran a quick calculation that you can do yourself whereby if a person used say, one disposable plastic straw a day for a year, over the course of 15 years that would be 21, straws for a family of 4 at 12kg of plastic. Looking at one product, fake grass weighs around 1.

Landscape Wisely

Consult this handy guide to project the costs of a backyard turf system. Artificial turf appeals to homeowners all over the United States who want to enjoy attractive, functional yards without the hassle and expenses of maintenance and watering. With the correct turf infill, artificial grass can be non-toxic, safe for kids, and compatible with homes where dogs live. USGreentech makes two innovative turf infill products designed for durable, pet-friendly and clean outdoor spaces. Both Envirofill and Safeshell are focused on safety, sanitation, and sustainability, making them ideal for use in home landscapes. The advantages of synthetic grass are pretty clear, but determining the total cost of installing it in your backyard is less so! Costs will largely depend on the size of your yard and the complexity of your landscape design. Ultimately, the price of installation comes down to the materials needed and the labor required to complete your project.

there are a variety of creative options homeowners can do to dress up their yard and many of those include artificial synthetic grass.

Start Your Artificial Grass Install Today

Artificial lawns are slowly becoming a staple in more and more homes around the world. In fact, in some places, there are laws being introduced to how they should be maintained. Lawns are beautiful facades that give onlookers an idea of what the rest of your home looks like.

Organise an onsite Quotation

When maintained properly, natural grass can be a beautiful thing. But sometimes heavy foot traffic or goals to reduce irrigation output on your commercial property can turn that beauty into more of a hassle. That said, have you given any thought to going artificial? Artificial turf that is. Long gone are the days when installing artificial turf meant you were giving up the right for a natural looking landscape.

Many of us are keen to get out into the garden to enjoy our private green spaces whenever the weather permits.


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