Typical home garden plants

Typical home garden plants

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In Thomas Jefferson wrote, "I have lived temperately, eating little animal food, and that Although he loved fine fancy fruit, the ornamental "pet trees" that graced his mountaintop home, and a variety of flowers, the vegetable garden, because of its sublime posture overlooking the rolling Piedmont Virginia countryside and its dramatic scale and scope, was Jefferson's chief horticultural achievement at Monticello. Here, Jefferson himself sowed peas, cabbages, and okra and recorded when the lettuce "came to table" or how the broad beans were "killed by bug" in his Garden "Kalendar. What were Thomas Jefferson's favorite vegetables?

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A - Z Index List of House Plants

Learn how to plan your first plot or pot of plants, discover great gardening ideas for beginners, and find simple tips and tricks to succeed in gardening. As an enthusiast or established gardener, this comprehensive gardening resource serves as an additional reference and handy audit of your gardening work. Once properly laid out, these helpful tips will make growing your vegetables comfortably easier.

Follow this blog series or browse through the chapters you feel most near to your needs. Preparing the Garden and You A. Things to Consider Planning Stage B. Start Planting B. Vegetable and Herb Garden C. Flower Garden D. Fruit Tree Garden. Keep Up the Work A. Pests and Pest Control C.

Weeds and Weed Control D. Plant Diseases and How to Prevent Them. Reap the Fruit of Your Labour A. Harvesting B. Preserving Your Harvest C. Food Waste, No More. Best Practices in Gardening A. Going Organic B. Planting Systems to Increase Productivity. Garden styles Based on Location or Space C. Contemporary Gardening Methods. Planning is a key to success. And so it goes with gardening. Most gardeners jump head on to the task and end up wasting resources. Proper planning helps eliminate or reduce wasted time and effort.

And the best part is: It improves the result. Studies show that soil holds the key to a great garden. As a gardener, it is important you get to know your soil and provide it with the right nutrients, moisture, and air to produce a healthy garden and high-quality yields.

We commonly associate soil with dirt. Down lives microorganisms which give the soil its life and nutrient. It is these microbes that break organic matter, regulate soil temperature and ph balance, and aids in retaining water and nutrients. Feeding these creatures is feeding the soil and the plants that are rooted in it. And that leads us to one important aspect of gardening: Improving the soil. Composting is the process of supplementing the soil with nutrient-rich humus.

It is an organic material made from decomposed plant parts and well-rotted manure. And the good thing is, compost can easily be done at home.

Some plants thrive in cold weather; others love the warmth. The kind of weather also determines which seeds are best started indoors or directly in the garden. Learning about when to plant and which type of plant to sow can be daunting for beginners.

But a brief guide on seasonal plants and crop timing will pave the way for a better gardening start. Planting calendar Sample from Thompson-Morgan. Gardening requires elbow grease, which then need the right tools and materials to aid in the process. Having the necessary tools at hand will make the work less time consuming. Ready to get planting? One the great way to start a plant is to grow it from seeds. Take note that each plant requires unique seed-starting processes and level of maintenance.

Some plants are frost tender which needed to start indoors and grow to a small plant before planting to the garden soil after the last frost. The Baker Creek Heirloom Seed has a definitive guide on raising seeds. When true leaves 3rd and 4th leaves to appear sprout from your seedlings, it may be time to transplant them into a larger container or the garden bed. Transplanting will allow more room for roots to grow and nurture the seedlings. Aside from starting seeds, new plants are created by taking a part of a parent plant to regenerate itself and from a new set.

This results in a more genetically identical plant, which allows a gardener to grow the best species available. A backyard or space at home may come in a single or combination of these types of growing plants. One of the great rewards for tilling the soil and planting crops is the food it provides on your table. Knowing the rise in demand and cost of agricultural products, you get to enjoy a year-round supply of fresh produce right in your backyard when to tend your own vegetable garden. For first-time gardeners, start with the easy to grow and steady producer of crops, including:.

Flower gardening is more of a passion and art, but starting this hobby can be overwhelming. There are several varieties of flowers to choose from, each with a unique way of tending and cultivating.

Whatever the type of flower you want to grow, it is always considered as a rewarding and colourful addition to any space or landscape. Growing fruit in your backyard means having a supply of fruit varieties that are high in quality. You get to reap all the healthful qualities of fruits from vitamins and minerals to fiber and antioxidant properties. It also saves you from high-cost store-bought fruits. Setting up a garden is one thing, but keeping the plants steadily growing is another thing. Although a perfect start paves the way to a smooth gardening, proper maintenance is just as important to achieve a good harvest.

Learn about smart management techniques as well to keep that great harvest going through the seasons and back. Like men, plants generally need water to survive. But even with watering, a few guides and tricks are worth considering to ensure water is optimally used to particular types of plants. During the planning stage, plants must have been located in areas where they receive a good amount of light — or shade — depending on their needs.

Here are some tips to meet the light needs of plants:. Mulch is the undecomposed version of compost, used to improve the soil. But more than that, mulch also helps prevent the growth of weeds, retain water, prevents soil erosion, regulate temperature, reduce diseases. It is a must have multi-purpose, labour-saving product. It includes coffee grounds, leafmold, pine needles, bark, and shredded wood chips. Remeber these tips when applying mulch:.

In addition to mulch, plants are most happy when their soil is fed with organic fertiliser. Organic materials applied on soil eventually decompose and are consumed by plants. Gardens almost always come with tiny plant chewers and dwellers. And it does not always mean bad. Though some insects are considered a pest to the garden and to you, others prove to be more beneficial. Plus, learn about other ways to work around garden pests. Weeds compete with your plants for water, nutrients, and even space to grow.

They could end up ruining your plants and landscape all together. As in pest control, identify the kind of weeds that grow in your garden and deal with based on how and when they grow.

Weeds that grow in home gardens may be tackled in several ways depending on their strength and prevalence. This include:. Observing best growing practices thwarts most garden diseases and disorders.

But, however good the circumstance is, diseases develop and find its way to fester your garden. So a little knowhow will give you an edge at controlling and treating these plant diseases. But when things starts to get out of hands, seek advice from the plant disease experts or pathologist. One of the heartening part of gardening is when harvest time comes or the flowers come to bloom. You get to pick and enjoy the fruit of your day-to-day nurturing, at last. But even with harvesting garden produce and picking of flowers, a lot of thought must also be considered.

How do you know if a fruit or vegetable is mature enough to harvest? When is the best time to harvest? Can you preserve those produce for longer periods? Lees verder. Learning when and how to harvest begins in identifying what stage of maturity is a vegetable or fruit at.

Groentetuin kalender

Before this blog took over, I worked as a garden designer for over 10 years. My favorite gardens always had an edible garden in them! They are all well planned, easily accessible, very productive, inviting, and beautiful. Full disclosure here.

Jasmine (“mogra” in Hindi) is famous for its enchanting sweet fragrance. It is a common ornamental plant and can fill your home garden with a.

Harvesting Vegetables

Maak 'n donasie. Most vegetable gardens can accommodate winter crops. Some vegetables, such as Brussels sprouts, take up a lot of space for a long time but are still well-worth the investment. Choose an open site with free-draining soil, cultivated thoroughly prior to sowing or planting and enriched with organic material. Where ground is in short supply, containers will support a few plants.As 'n kweekhuis of polytunnel beskikbaar is, kan dit gebruik word om gewasse te veel te winter en ander vroeg te begin. Die verhitting van kweekhuise vir oeste is egter selde doeltreffend. Broccoli, Brusselse spruite, kool, boerenkool, preie en pastinaak is geharde groente en sal deur die winter staan. Blaargewasse soos Chard, pietersielie en vuurpyl moet ook met 'n bietjie beskerming te veel winter. Ander gewasse soos wortels, uie, rape en winterpampoen kan ook in die winter gekweek word as dit korrek geberg word.

Grasperk en tuin

Top 20 groente? Hier is ons stemme vir die top 20 tuin groente om in u tuin te groei - en waarom ons dit aanbeveel. In hierdie video wys Birjette, 'n plaaslike organiese saadprodusent van San Diego Seed Company, vir ons 'n paar van haar gunsteling groente om in die tuin te plant en te groei. Klik hier vir 'n vergelykbare produk in hierdie state. Dit is 'n wonderlike artikel !!

Hierdie groep tamaties, ook bekend as Beefsteak-tamaties, produseer medium tot groot vrugte wat dikwels gesny word vir bolwers en toebroodjies, en is een van die top 10 moet-groeiende plante.

Top 10 blomplante vir tuin tuin

Dit is noodsaaklik om die regte tyd om sade te begin en buite te plant, te bepaal, en daarom kan die verskil tussen 'n gelukkige oes en 'n hartverskeurende een beteken. Die tydlyn wat hier verskyn, is ongeveer gebaseer op die tydsberekening vir sone 8. Die beste manier om die presiese tydsberekening vir u tuin te bepaal, is om die County Cooperative Extension in u omgewing vir 'n gelokaliseerde kalender te vra. Kontakinligting is beskikbaar by uitbreiding. Nou, groei! Die belangrikste punt: hoe meer voorbereidingswerk u nou doen, hoe beter sal u plante vaar.

Groentetuingrootte sakrekenaar: hoeveel u vir u gesin moet plant

Tuistuin in Indië is 'n vloeiende konsep. 'N Mens kan 'n behoorlike voortuin of 'n tuin in die tuin hê. 'N Mens kan plante kweek in potte wat op 'n terras, dak, balkon of selfs vensterbanke geplaas word, en dit kwalifiseer alles vir 'n tuin. Een ding is algemeen in alle Indiese tuine, is die keuse van basiese plante. Indiërs hou van hul chai-tea en om suurlemoengrasblare daarby te voeg, maak die tee nog beter.

Vir 'n tipiese bergsomdag in Gilpin County kan die berekening probeer om naby die huis of 'n rotsmuur te plant sodat die plante kan baat vind.

'N Maand-vir-maand-gids vir wanneer om groente in die Suide te plant

Februarie is die seisoen van blomme. Hier is 'n lys van die top 10 blomplante wat u maklik in u tuin kan laat groei, selfs in 'n klein ruimte soos balkon. Weet u dat daar spesies rose in die wêreld is?

Kontak u plaaslike County Extension Office via ons County Office -lys. Druk hierdie feiteblad uit. Die verbouing van groente in Colorado bied uitdagings, maar dit is nog steeds moeiliker om groente in die berge te kweek. Dit is te danke aan die baie korter groeiseisoen, koel nagte, wind, kuiers en moontlike waterbeperkings. Die eerste faktor wat u moet oorweeg, is die kort groeiseisoen. Vir elke voetverhoging daal die temperatuur gemiddeld 3.

Meer inligting ". 'N Belangrike rede vir die verbouing van groente tuis is om gewasse van 'n hoër eetgehalte te produseer as wat andersins beskikbaar is.

As u bekommerd is oor die verbruik van vervalsde voedsel met skadelike chemikalieë, kunsmisreste of kunsmatige kleure, is dit die beste om u eie kombuistuin te skep. U kan baie vrugte en groente tuis kweek en vars en organiese kos geniet sonder om bekommerd te wees. As u 'n buite -area met genoeg ruimte het, en dit 'n goeie hoeveelheid sonlig kry, kan u dit in 'n groentetuin omskep. Natuurlik is dit nie haalbaar om al die groente waarvan u weet te kweek nie, maar daar is 'n paar groente wat u maklik kan groei, onderhou en oes op u klein organiese plaas. Wat u wil laat groei, is u keuse, maar u moet ingelig word oor watter groente die maklikste is om tuis te groei. Hier is 'n paar algemene groente wat gereeld gebruik word vir kookkuns, wat relatief maklik is om te verbou, en 'n paar wenke om u te help doen. En u het nie eens spesiale tuinvaardighede nodig om dit te skep nie.

In al die opgewondenheid om u groentetuin te plant, het u vergeet om die rye groen te benoem. Alhoewel ons altyd lief is as plantnap mense kan help om foto's te identifiseer wat u net u telefoon, 'n volwasse plant en ordentlike beligting nodig het om plante met plante te identifiseer, is daar altyd beperkings. Saailing: Die eerste twee blare van 'n saailingboon sal hartvormig lyk. As die plant baie jonk is, kan u die buitenste skulpe van die boontjie op die plant of baie naby vind.


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