Native landscaping company

Native landscaping company

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Jump to main content. About PDF Remember, we will not post any information intended to directly benefit for-profit enterprises. These categories are the focus of this chapter. The" bottom line" can be a strong motivation for installing and maintaining natural landscaping instead of a conventional lawn. The savings that can be realized through natural landscaping for municipalities, park districts, school-districts, corporations, and institutions campuses are dramatically illustrated in the examples below, where approximately nine-tenths of the cost of conventional landscape maintenance was avoided! For some organizations, reducing site maintenance costs may be a significant factor in being able to balance the budget.

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  • Native Green Landscapes
  • More Nature. Now.
  • 3 Best Landscaping Companies in Austin, TX
  • Native Plant Landscaping
  • Natural vs. Native Landscaping
  • Landscaping with Colorado Native Plants
  • 3 Garden Services in 1 Special Place
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Bona Terra

Often, when human and natural systems meet — conflict arises. We strive to find ecological solutions that not only solve those problems, but also create attractive natural landscapes. Ensuring the future success of complex plantings is our specialty. We work with local organizations to educate and inspire the communities that we work in. From talks to demonstrations, our goal is showing the beauty, functionality, and philosophy behind ecological stewardships.

Down to Earth Services recently conducted a controlled burn on a 1-acre prairie. Learn about some of the reasons that fire is used as a tool to promote biodiversity and support the overall integrity of the prairie.

Wat ons doen. Creating ecological landscapes that are regenerative and beautiful. Connecting people and nature through ecologically inspired design. Guiding the success and effectiveness of native plant communities. Spreading ecological stewardship through community engagement. Proud to partner with the following organizations.

Native plant installation at Ernie Miller Park jo. Design it build it! With this week being our last week for planting he. Volg ons. Kontak Ons. Sign up for updates.

Native Green Landscapes

Local green businesses. Offering a diverse and quality selection of the region's native plant species to enhance and beautify your property. Harry is a hands-on guy who is always happy to talk about natives. Oliver Nurseries. Offering a unique selection of plant material.

Native Landscape, based out of Escondido, is a landscaping business that offers lawn irrigation installation, edging, hedge trimming and other services.

More Nature. Now.

We're open! With two convenient locations, McGinty Bros. Our landscaping companies primary office is in Long Grove, Illinois, which is north of Chicago. Our second office is in Wauconda, Illinois. The roots of McGinty Bros. We won't ever call you from halfway around the world. We walk on the same ground you walk on, which is a good thing for a landscaper. It means we have intimate local knowledge of our native landscapes.

3 Best Landscaping Companies in Austin, TX

We transform landscapes into quiet places of intimate reflection and perfect settings for family gatherings or exceptional outdoor entertainment. Every project is unique and gives us an opportunity to build a distinct landscape that reflects your personal style and needs. Managing Member John P. Taylen has 25 years of experience in the construction industry.

Some basic ways to create a sustainable residential landscape include conserving water, selecting native plants, incorporating permeable materials in hardscaping areas, and maintaining healthy soil.

Native Plant Landscaping

Our native plant nursery is carefully maintained by experts using sustainable practices. We focus on growing local ecotypes within miles of our nursery in Anne Arundel County, Maryland using minimal fertilizer and no pesticides, herbicides or growth hormones. Our goal is to provide stewards of the Chesapeake Bay with native plants, whose lack of availability has historically been a challenge in conservation efforts. See our inventory by clicking below. We have designed and installed hundreds of native gardens in the District over the last 11 years, and are happy to help you through the process from an initial consultation to garden installation:.

Natural vs. Native Landscaping

Do you think that Spring is the only time to plant native grasses and flowers? In fact, with native grasses in particular, dormant season seeding Fall, in this case imitates natural reseeding. Once frost sets in, things change a bit: frost seeding which is the spreading of seed over frozen soil after the first killing frost results in some natural stratification—which means that the seed and seed coat change enough to enhance germination. This is when working closely with an Olathe or Johnson County landscaping company can be especially beneficial; not only can Olathe landscape architects help you understand which plants are native to the area, but they can also help you determine when and where to plant for the best results. Learn a bit about us here. There are disadvantages to seeding during dormant seasons.

Two landscaping companies near Chicago were recognized for their use of natural landscaping to support native plants and animals.

Landscaping with Colorado Native Plants

Check out our virtual store at Earthbound Natives. Building Natural Environments. Leer meer. Earthbound Artisan is a social enterprise.

3 Garden Services in 1 Special Place


Native plants are the best choice for both a low-maintenance and sustainable landscape. Learn more about why native plants are so important for your garden, get a list of common plants that are native to the United States and Canada, and 10 tips on landscaping with native plants. It may seem insignificant, but as gardeners, we can make good choices about our planet and our environment when it comes to our own backyards. Image: Butterflies on Buttonbush Cephalanthus occidentalis. Credit: Cornell University. So what makes a plant native?

For about 10 years, the Starflower Foundation produced an assortment of educational, landscaping, and identifying resources. Thirty page reports on native plants that do exceptionally well in western Washington gardens.


This project came from one of our current maintenance clients. He is great to work with, as he shares our passion for sustainability in landscapes. Critical to sustainable landscaping is attention to conserving and protecting the soil. Although the majority of this property is filled with native plants and trees, the quality of the soil was lacking. Over the past two years, we have been creating small pockets of woodland gardens across this landscape with the intention to restore the viability of the soil over time. We started by using cut logs found onsite to provide focal points, as well as nice breaks in the elevation.

Flagstaff Native Plant and Seed has been providing Flagstaff and Northern Arizona with beautiful residential landscaping , outdoor living spaces and restored landscapes for over twenty four years, including:. Please go to our Landscape Portfolio. We buy our plants and seeds from trusted growers whose products have proven themselves over the years. Please go to our Plant Database.

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