The horticulture professional manual

The horticulture professional manual

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The horticulture professional manual


Tod Hunter

Richard G. Mathews, editor-in-chief

This edition is a third edition of the redrawn and updated version of the horticulture professional manual published by the Florida Agricultural Experimental Station in Florida, USA. The manual's other editions can be accessed here.

This is the third edition of the horticulture professional manual published by the Florida Agricultural Experimental Station in Florida, USA. This version has been totally revised and updated to include significant advances in plant biology and genetics and the full range of topics important to horticulturists, agronomists, plant breeders and plant biotechnologists.

The emphasis on basic plant biology and genetics, with a focus on the structure and function of plant genomes and the recent advances in understanding and manipulating genomes, is a major theme in the updates. This is due to the fact that plant biology has advanced significantly and that techniques of manipulating the genome have improved dramatically. Many of these advances are also significant for plant biotechnology and it is essential that the professionals who seek to manipulate the plant genome understand these advancements.

Despite the major advances in plant biology and genetics, many of the experimental protocols remain the same as they were in the previous edition. However, for the most part, the content is complete, expanded and detailed. Examples are provided throughout the manual that show the new biological concepts.

Much of the content has been carefully revised, edited and updated. Some sections have been expanded with additional data and examples. There is an attempt to have clearly labeled tables and illustrations throughout.

More specifically, the following significant advances have been incorporated into this edition.

Plant genomes - Three chapters address the structure, functions and evolution of plant genomes.

Genome engineering and breeding programs for crop improvement - Four chapters cover a wide range of topics, including manipulations of the plant genome, genome-wide selection, genome editing, and gene silencing and are discussed in more detail in separate chapters.

The composition and function of RNA silencing - A comprehensive treatment of the RNA silencing pathway, with specific emphasis on the recent advances in silencing research.

Gene delivery vectors and transgenic plants - The focus is on recent advances in plant transformation technology and also on the important new viral gene delivery vectors that are now available.

Gene regulation and transcription - New information about how plant cells regulate gene transcription, and the importance of RNA polymerase II in this process is provided in this section.

Molecular approaches to improve plant growth and stress tolerance - Some topics for analyzing and improving plant growth include secondary metabolites, inducible defenses, defense-regulatory proteins, plant hormones and transcriptional regulatory networks.

In the next few years, many new developments will be seen and to ensure that the horticulture professional manual is updated regularly, it is essential to contact the editorial office.

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