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Some of the citys mansions, the leviathans of 19th century New York, still stand tall. Built of granite and marble, they are vast, ornate, imposing, some modeled after classic Greek temples, with Italianate and Byzantine-style flourishes. They do not exist today in anything like their magnificence and grandeur. The old flour mills that once turned the citys grain into marketable commodities are gone. The one still standing is now a nightclub. The livestock market where big vats of beef and mutton and flocks of sheep have echoed with the rhythmic beating of the buy and sell for centuries is long gone. And so are the bakeries and butcheries that fed the citys strollers, pilgrims and wayfarers. The bars and saloons and drinking holes that people went to is long gone. One lone public house that once stood on what was called the Great Bethel area that was the last place of refuge for weary travelers in the wilds of Bushwick. Known as the Mannin Hall its pipes blazed on Christmas and St. Patrick s days. Its patrons - particularly the young women who gathered in it on Saturday nights - were much maligned and nicknamed The Red Bellies and The Blue Bellies. But it was a very important part of the Jewish population in the district at that time. People would go to the Mannin to drink, tell stories and spread rumors. The theater once stood at Wooster St. and Driggs Ave. In the middle of its stage stood a giant drop. Audiences would holler and laugh when they spotted one on stage and it was supposed to make the performance more enjoyable. Some joke is supposed to have it that a box was put in the stage and it had a penny in it. If you found it you went home rich. A museum of everything pre-conventionality. This bit from The Brooklyn Museum has been posted on the south end of the world over and it appears here in print for the first time.It s out of print for a while and I know at least one person who tried to get it from and then was told that the author of the Museum s Dictionary died and no one knows what happened to the books he published. This article also appeared on Crop-a-robot, a website run by the people who published the Astrology sections of old books. Its about what you would expect to read in it and there is nothing special about it. Thank you all for looking. Bobo XK9QNR I always thought the stories behind these buildings were the greatest in the city. Some just stand and have a different look and feel to them, but others can explain a bit. I really liked this one. Mike K7JCIG Thanks Bobo. Hi Bobo. Nice place and buildings. I am glad you like it. I have a lot more to write but not now, but thank you. Mike. PS. I love the soft beautiful gray tones and the way the color balances and hits it just right. 5.77 MHz

On Thursday, October 11th, 201107.56 MHz, I shared my personal and public life on the world wide web and internet with the world, on this and other topics, to my surprise. While writing here, about my inability to use one very basic website, I was called upon to go on the Internet and file a police report for two rather dire crimes, and I chose to go on the Internet in the first place. By the way, I did not plan to become an internet-based Amish minister, as is rumored, and I have done absolutely nothing for that goal. What follows is what happened and my theory of how and why it happened. This is a mixture of eye witness reporting, a few personal accounts, some comments of people who know me and some observations and guesses based on the facts and assumptions of the situation. My tale begins a couple of weeks ago. I am a licensed Amateur Radio Operator (Single side band with an AM filter) with a station license from the FCC, with a radio site-license, a local talk show at 1190 AM, a local public service phone line, and more. I also have a call sign from the Amateur Radio Association of the USA, a primary license from that association and a class license. I have a FAI and FCC Enroute License and have successfully done the advanced SPS E, S, SE, U, P, A and H operations that allow one to operate for extended periods in the upper UHF region. I am NOT an aviation ham and did not think I would be interested in air traffic control. I do have certificates from the Navy Federal Aviation Training Center and have worked with them.Ek het beplan om my bates te verkoop en 'n klein afbetaling op 'n klein huis te plaas met die opbrengs van my verkoop en wou dit doen voordat die weer te koud word. Dit het nooit koud geword hier nie. Ek het geweet dat die Denver-radiomark vriendelik met my radio was en dalk 'n lekker plek is om dit te verkoop. Ek het ook gedink dat my teenwoordigheid by die QTH nuttig sou wees om die stasie te bemark en mense iets sou gee om na te luister. Ek het ook geweet dat, benewens die wye dekking van Denver, my radio binne ryafstand van ander stede sou wees waar ek dalk 'n kommersiële lisensie sou wou kry. Die lisensie vir 'n private HF-stasie begin by $


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